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  Remember when the Internet was fun? When you could actually find the information you were looking for? When the Internet was about people, not products?
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(6/7/24) - Page readability has been improved and a new Fun & Arts section has been added to the Links Page.

(6/4/24) - Articles page has been laid out & "Latest Articles" table has been added to the main page.

(5/30/24) - Florida Man Found Guilty of 34 Felony Counts of Fraud.

(3/24/24) - My video for MARCHintosh is now out about the PowerBook 100. Watch it here.

  You have arrived at the landing page of The Rakko Project, the central hub for my work on retro computing and web 1.0! Here you will find various resources I have collected including links to other useful sites, articles, documentation for computers, programs and drivers for various hardware and operating systems. This site was designed from the ground up to be fully HTML 3.2 compatible, and can be viewed on most browsers. No Javascript, cookies, or Bootstrap were used in the making of this web site.

  If you're looking for other great places on the net, head over to the Links Page, where I've compiled a list of sites I like as well as some of my own like FTP server and Gopherspace.

  Did Windows 95 not come with a driver for your sound card? Go to the Files Page for a list of downloadable files. Hardware drivers, documentation, programs for various operating systems, and much more!

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